Public Meeting in relation to the Kebab Van issue.

Prior to the Parish Council Meeting, approximately 100 parishioners attended, together with a brief Police presence, seeking information in relation to the situation with Mr Caglar‘s kebab van.

At the outset, the Chairman made it abundantly clear that the Parish Council, despite rumour and innuendo, had no wish to stop Mr Caglar trading in the village, taking the view that he was a long standing member of the business community.

While accepting that the parking spaces provided were technically in breach of planning regulations, and the issue had not been addressed until the planning application in relation to the Four Horseshoes site, he explained that the Council had been placed in the situation of having to enforce the law in relation to the use of Common Land, and had no option in the matter.

Members of the public gave anecdotal evidence of allegedly confrontational and provocative action in relation to the electricity supply point by the developer of the Four Horseshoes site, Police having been called on at least two occasions.

The electricity supply would have to be closed off, and the van no longer allowed on the Parish Council land.

Suggestions were made as to how and where Mr Caglar could be accommodated on Council Land. It was explained that any use of Council land would be conditional on the grant of planning permission.

The Chairman thanked the parishioners for attending, and suggested that they would always be welcome at meetings. Many of the attendees then left the meeting.


              Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 17th July 2013

                                                         at Longburrow Hall at 7.30pm.

Attendees: Mr Penny,(Chairman), Mrs Baker, Mr Saunders, Mr Thomas, Mrs Cripps, Mr Conran, Mr Jones, Mr Parkinson, Mr Elliott, Mr Davis, Mrs Nuthall, Mrs Daly (Assistant to the Clerk), and 14members of the public.

1.      Apologies.  Apologies were received from Cllrs Etholen and Neudecker.

2.      Declarations of Interest.   None.

3.      Minutes.  It was agreed by all present at that meeting that the Minutes of 3rd July 2013 be approved.

4.      Matters Arising. A meeting had previously taken place at The Studley Green Play Area with the County Councillor for the area, Mr Darren Hayday. It was agreed that the local residents take part in a survey to ascertain the needs of the parishioners regarding this site.

5.      Reports and Actions. Mr Davies mentioned that a meeting had taken place with the Bucks County Local Area Technician regarding parking on zig-zag lines, and general problems in the vicinity of Duncan House,. This topic was to be brought up later on in the meeting.

6.      Notification of Parish Matters. The triangle at Studley Green near the new development of houses (previously The Studley Arms Public House). Gas Meters between C J Stores and The Print Shop where cardboard is placed. Footpath leading from motorway bridge near to the allotments down to Green Lane, very overgrown.

7.      Mr Kazim Calgar. As above.   

8.      Planning:

9.      District and County Councillors: No representatives were present at the meeting.

10.  Finance:  Bills Payable to the amount of £1,936.58 were approved for payment unanimously.  At the last Finance Committee meeting it was suggested that Cemetery Fees be increased by 3% across the board, rounded to the nearest £. Agrees unanimously.The next Finance Committee meeting arranged for Tuesday 13th August 2013 at 10.30am.

11.  Correspondence: A card had been received once again from Mr Payne in Australia, those wishing to view it being kept in the Parish Office. Letter with accompanying plan received from Mr Randall regarding placing his own personal caravan on a piece of hard standing at The George Stratford playing field at Studley Green. Mr Randal was prepared to cover any expenses along with putting in a gate and erecting a small fence to surround the caravan expecting to pay a peppercorn rent. Mrs Cripps queried whether or not this would then be setting a precedent. Mr Saunders commented that before any decision was made this idea should be looked into further. Mr. Jones seconded this comment.

12.  Four Horseshoes. Dealt with as above.

13.  Public Meeting:

Parking outside Duncan House (CJ Stores and Milsom’s estate agents). Mr Davies commented that photographic evidence had been taken of vehicles parking on or across the zig-zag area outside Duncan House (The Police have been taking action in relation to drivers parking on the zigzag lines). The Council and the general public were then notified of a Public meeting to be held at Longburrow Hall on 23rd July at 7.30pm. A parishioner did comment regarding more car parking spaces being taken away. Mr Parkinson suggested a decision should be made at the Public Meeting. From the floor, Mr Chadwick asked whether The Council had put a bid in to the Local Area Forum to help fund the Parish application for funding in relation to this issue (Yes - to be discussed at the Local Area Forum Meeting on 23rd July - Chairman attending).

14. Social Media. Mrs Nuthall requested that this topic be deferred until the next meeting.

15.Travellers’Sites. Nothing to report.

16.Vantage Land. Mr Chadwick spoke about a report which had appeared from Wycombe District Council regarding a hard standing which could possibly lead to a bigger development.

17. The Commons. Nothing to report.

18. Cemetery. Mrs Cripps commented how well kept the cemetery looked at present.

19. Other Parish Matters:

Mrs Nuthall reported that the footpath leading from the motorway bridge near to the allotments which then leads down to Green Lane was extremely overgrown. The Parish Warden was to be requested to deal with this matter. (Actioned)

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm.