The Parish Council maintains both the cemetery at the rear of the Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul and the now closed cemetery in Marlow Road. Burial plots are only available to parishioners or former parish residents. No pre-purchase or reservation of plots is permitted. 

Any person whose name appears on the Register of Electors, or is eligible to appear on the Register, as well as their children under the age of majority, may be interred in the Burial Ground on payment of the appropriate charges.

Parishioners who had left the Parish for a care home will remain eligble for 10 years.

Former parishioners who have already acquired burial rights to a double grave will remain eligible.

All memorials must be approved by the Parish Council.   Please click on this link to see full updated cemetery rules (as approved at the Parish Coucil meeting of 1st February 2017)

Charges are:

Burial plot (parishioner) £279
Burial plot (former parishioner) £530
Re-opening £175
Headstone £121
Additional inscription   £37
Cremation marker   £84
Cremation plot* £106
Children F.O.C

*Cremation plots are only available to parish or former parish residents.

Other memorials may be allowed but only after approval by the Parish Council. Please contact the Clerk (01494 482403) for more information and for a full copy of the cemetery regulations.